Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool Story Seattle Premiere Friday 9/25

Cool Story is out in stores already, but this is going to be the only chance to see it in Seattle on the BIG screen! We will be showing it at the King Cat Theater in Beltown tomorrow night.
This is an all-ages event, but for those party animals who want to celebrate the beginning of a season of snow with a cocktail there is a bar for 21+.

We are super excited about how this video turned out, it was a challenge and a joy to make and everyone involved should be darn proud of themselves. We've got nothing but rave reviews from the media moguls and peanut galleries alike.

So come out and enjoy the show, we'll have lots of prizes, and opportunities to meet the riders, filmers, photographers, and producers of Think Thank!

Think Thank's Cool Story
Video premiere sponsored by: LIB TECH, Snowboy, and Sno-Con
King Cat Theater
2130 6th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

Doors open at 7pm
Advanced tickets can be purchased at Sno-Con for $7 or $10 at the door

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gimme Baby Robots 2009!!!!!

GIMME BABY ROBOTS, a one-night event features an affordable silent auction of small works (10x10 or smaller) by hundreds of artists nationwide, and it's on on its way to Seattle! This is the second year I've participated in these shows, both as an exhibitor and as a bidder, and let me tell you it's crazy fun. For the patrons, I like to think of it as a "gateway" opportunity to buy art, to see firsthand how inclusive, affordable and accessible it can be. For the artists selling art for uber-cheap, it's a great opportunity to get work out to the far reaches of the nation that would otherwise be inaccessible. I mean, I had a piece in Memphis, Tennessee last year for crying out loud! Also, I have a lot of art in a box right now, what good is it doing in a box? I'd rather have it go to a good home.

I'd also like to add that there is serious high quality original art shown at these auctions. From art professors like John Hitchcock from U of Wisconsin to my very own brother Dave Teng Olsen's work who teaches art at Wellesley College, and one of my all time favorite Seattle artists, Kellie Talbot we're talking art that you buy and love forever.

Here's the line-up thus far:
Igloo Gallery, Portland OR 7/30/09
Empty Bottle Gallery, Chicago IL 8/31/09
Seattle, WA sometime in December location T.B.A