Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gimme Baby Robots - SEATTLE 12/18/08

It never snows in Seattle... until the morning of the Gimme Baby Robots show!  We woke up to about 4 inches of snow in the city, which turned into a big solid ice cube by about 7pm.  We were debating on how many (or few) people would make it out, and were blown away by the number of people who braved the elements to partake in Seattle's first ever G.B.R.!  About 60-70 people blazed Seattle G.B.R. trail, and let me just say that they raised the bar.  Their enthusiasm could not be dampened by ice or snow, they came and conquered.  It was nearly a sold-out show, and people were bidding with purpose.  They were upping the bids by 5 -10 dollars at a time, and the local art represented was insane!  Some of our local talent that participated were Kellie Talbot, Stefan Hofmann, Ryan Davis, Larry Sommers, Sean Genovese, Mike Yoshida, Jesse Burtner,  Noah Overby, Joan Swearingen, Chad Johnston, Eric Mead, Andrius Simutis; so much awesomeness and inspiration, I just could go on and on.  I'm still brimming with the excitement of it.

Big thanks to Shanna and Peter, Chris Knight and his mom Linda, and Eric Mead for helping hang the show.  David Teng Olsen for giving birth to the G.B.R. idea and paving its way to Seattle.  To Justin Donahue and Gorio and everyone who helped out at EVO for hosting and making it happen.  To Pyramid Ale for the keg of delicious free beer.  And especially to everyone who came out in the ice storm to bid on Baby Robots!  See you next year! 

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